The Institution of Racism


The left is truly relentless, especially when pushing their race based agenda. It doesn’t matter how many times their claims of racism prove to be fallacious, they continue to double down with their “white privilege” narrative paying no attention to the damage they cause. The most recent example of this is Eric Holder’s renewed focus on the Ferguson Police Department. After admitting that Darren Wilson was innocent, and there was no evidence that he was motivated by bigotry, Holder focused his efforts on the department desperately looking for signs of “institutional” racism. The term racism itself has become an explosive, politically charged word that has been re-defined to meet whatever definition the professional left needs. The definition has taken a dangerous turn, and now serves to justify any and all violent behavior committed by black people. Racism was once defined as having hatred toward another group of human beings simply because they are a different race. In the hands of the radical left, it now means something completely different. Believing that black people are equal with white people and that they are capable of living independent lives seems to be the left’s revised definition. In other words, not towing the line of “black victimization” is what the left now considers racist.

For far too long we have been forced to endure a hostile narrative that blames white people for all the problems blacks and other minorities allegedly face. (Don’t forget, you are not allowed to pay attention to successful blacks who tend to be conservatives.) We are told that black people cannot be racist because they do not have the “institutional power” to discriminate. This concept can be traced back to “Black Liberation Theology,” which was founded by the Marxist Reverend, James Cone. It can also be traced back to the century old plan to change America’s culture put forth by Antonio Gramsci. Working from Marx’s theory of the oppressor and the oppressed, Gramsci categorized the oppressed into different groups that went well beyond the idea of those “being exploited by the capitalists.” He essentially turned all social groups into people being oppressed by the dominant social group. In America, the claim is that white people dominate the culture; so therefore, all minority groups are being oppressed by whites because the society has been set up specifically for their benefit. This is where the whole idea of white privilege came from. It literally is a plan designed to overthrow the existing culture with the intent of establishing a Marxist dictatorship.
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