The Insidious Erosion of the Second Amendment


Two very different cases of mayhem centered around firearms provide an appropriate starting point for a bare-bones analysis of the erosion of our Second Amendment, or rather the erosion of our ostensibly protected liberties under same.

The tragic case of 39 year-old Carol Browne of Berlin Township New Jersey is the first. Ms. Browne was dutifully waiting on a lethargic bureaucracy for her concealed carry pistol permit in order to defend herself against an abusive ex-boyfriend when he accosted Browne in her driveway on June 3 and stabbed her to death.

The second is the mass murder carried out on June 18 by Dylann Storm Drain (it’s actually Dylann Storm Roof, so I’ve been told), the 21-year-old who walked into a South Carolina church and fatally shot nine people as they attended Bible study class.

Immediately after the South Carolina shootings, the leftist leviathan – led by one Barack Hussein Obama – leapt into action, framing the incident as demonstrating a clear need for more gun control. This, despite the attendant facts – such as Roof being a drug-addled loser with a mounting criminal record and parents who may have even less viable grey matter than Dylann himself (his father allegedly gave him a .45-caliber pistol for his birthday earlier this year – shortly after the junior Roof was released from jail).

In liberal-controlled areas, governments (we actually have a lot of them in the U.S.) have enacted very strict gun control measures. The process of purchasing any firearm is profoundly burdensome; trying to obtain a permit for a handgun often takes months. In some cities, you’re not getting a pistol, let alone a concealed carry permit, unless you’re a lawyer, a judge, or a police officer. Liberal elitism at its best.
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