The general election in the UK will be held on Thursday May 7. As usual, the two main parties will be slugging it out: the Conservative Party vs the Labour Party.

The Liberal Democrats have been the third main player for a while now, but newcomers could make a real move here, including UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party), the Greens, and the SNP (Scottish National Party). Results may be a hung parliament, as with the last election, and/or a new coalition, depending on how some of the newer, smaller parties fare.

Even though I was in the UK last year for a period, I am of course not English, nor an expert on how this election will pan out. However I can offer a number of vignettes about some of the parties and candidates, and the general state of play in the UK.

ukI have of course written many dozens of articles about this land and the great problems it is experiencing, including the general moral freefall, the jackhammer of the militant homosexualists, suffocating PC, the rise and rise of Islam, and the fall of Christianity.

All this makes for a frightening future, which is why Thursday’s election is important indeed. So let me look at a few of these issues. Let me start with the perennial nutjob party, the Greens. In their latest outrage they actually said that polyamory is just peachy – at least their leader thinks so.
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