The Importance of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Historic Speech


Thank you Speaker Boehner. Thank you for taking one of the most important stands on foreign policy any Congressional leader could have taken in this decade. Despite all of the criticism the Speaker will face, Boehner’s move on March 3, 2015 will be remembered as historic. This was the day that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of our strongest leader in the Middle East, came to speak to a joint session of Congress about the threat of a nuclear Iran. This was no ordinary speech, this was one of the best speeches any foreign leader could have given to the United States Congress, and here is why.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke, most of Congress watched. However, some very key individuals in our government decided they had better places to be. Our Commander in Chief was in a video conference related to the situation in Ukraine, and our Secretary of State was in Switzerland negotiating with Israel’s greatest enemy. Almost 60 other elected officials who were supposed to be in Capital Hill that day neglected to attend because of the “politics” of the issue. They were unhappy Speaker Boehner had invited Prime Minister Netanyahu without consulting President Obama. To them, this issue was more significant than the true problem in the Middle East at this time, a lack of a viable option.

In truth, most members of government should have been moving their entire schedules for the day to be there for the speech. Israel is one of our strongest allies in the world, and Benjamin Netanyahu is still the Prime Minister, whether there is an election next week or not. It also doesn’t matter who invited him, he’s willing to speak, and he deserves the respect of being listened to by all members of our government. There is no excuse otherwise, “political” or not.
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