The Hypocrisy of Radical Feminists – And Hillary is the Worst


Radical feminists are in a bit of a tizzy lately. Some are elated over the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming President of the United States. For these feminists the prospect of one of their own as America’s chief executive is a tantalizing possibility. The thought of a radical feminist with the power to issue executive orders has some feminists practically drooling. At the same time, other feminists are frustrated because to make herself more compatible with mainstream voters Hillary is downplaying her feminist credentials. My condolences to frustrated feminists (not), but we all know who they will vote for no matter what Hillary Clinton says or does.

Actually, frustrated feminists need not worry, Hillary is still committed to everything they believe in, it’s just that she is more committed to becoming president. As a candidate, Hillary Clinton will do what all Democratic candidates must do—condescendingly and hypocritically lean toward the middle during the campaign. However, should she be elected—Heaven forbid—Hillary will quickly return to her natural place on the left. She is genetically incapable of residing anywhere else on the political spectrum. The duplicity of Hillary Clinton knows no bounds, but it is certainly matched by the hypocrisy of radical feminists. Hence, they deserve each other.

Radical feminists are dedicated Democrats, and Democrats are dedicated multiculturalists except, of course, if the culture in question is based in Christianity. As committed multiculturalists they embrace everything Muslim and make a point of publically demonstrating their preference for Islam. In fact, radical feminists are so determined to demonstrate their self-righteous tolerance of Islam that they manage to conveniently ignore the patriarchal and even brutal treatment of women in Muslim countries.
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