The ‘Gay Disease’ About to Get Very Expensive for Taxpayers


The term “gay disease” to refer to HIV/AIDS is not mine. In fact, it comes from the homosexual community itself. Columnist Todd Heywood just a year ago on a pro-gay website headlined his column, “LISTEN: HIV Is Still a Gay Disease.” (You can read his piece here.)

Well, the gay disease is just about to get exorbitantly expensive for American taxpayers.

According to the UK newspaper, The Independent, an HIV pill (Truvada) has been developed that reduces the risk of infection by 86%. This naturally is leading to the clamor that taxpayers be forced to pay for this pill to be given to every active homosexual who wants it.

Of course, while initially it would be made available only to “high-risk” people, it will not be long before insistent calls are made, in the interests of public health, that every homosexual be offered the option. After all, homosexual behavior is “high risk” behavior all by itself.

The exchange rate, as of this morning, was one British pound to $1.55 US. So in the UK the lifetime cost of treating the gay disease would be $558,000 in U.S. dollars, and the yearly cost for the Truvada pill for an active homosexual would be $7,875.55.

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