“The Federalist Papers For A Gold Standard”


A recent article in The Week by progressive columnist Jeff Spross, How modern capitalism killed self-reliance, observed that “The gold standard is a niche enthusiasm rejected by most economists.” Why that is so is curious.  The hyperlink to his observation goes right to Episode 252 of NPR’s Planet Money, an interview with “charming curmudgeon” James Grant which first aired in February 2011.

This is the same James Grant who furnished the Foreword to Seth Lipsky’s delightful new book The Floating Kilogram… and Other Editorials on Money from The New York Sun.

The Floating Kilogram was described by Steve Forbes as “This brilliant book is The Federalist Papers for a gold standard. It succeeds, dazzlingly — and convincingly — makes the irrefutable case for re-linking the battered dollar to gold.”

The New York Sun, in its heyday, was an iconic newspaper, possibly most remembered for its “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” editorial. Seth Lipsky, and some investors, revived the old Sun brand, and its motto “It Shines For All,” publishing a paper edition in New York City from 2002 to 2008, moving to Web-only publication in 2009. And the Sun, probably second only to Forbes.com, is the most prominent venue from which the virtues of the gold standard consistently are sung. Lipsky sings with near perfect pitch.  His book compiles 130 of the Sun’s lapidary editorials on this topic.
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