I expect to hear it from socialist college professors and Che Guevara T-shirt wearing coffee house loiterers. But to hear it from conservatives with actual jobs is a painful reminder of the ease with which the media have convinced Americans to shut off their minds and allow pundits to do the thinking for them. “I’m worried that Ted Cruz is too extreme.”

During the night, someone did a job on the word “extreme.” It ain’t what it used to be. We learned this week that the official position of Obama’s Department of Education is that men should be able to infiltrate your daughters’ shower facilities in high school gymnasiums if only they claim to feel like women. How ext. . . extr. . . extraordinarily enlightened! Who is extreme? Ted Cruz is extreme because he fought to keep the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Do you know someone who has fallen for it?

When someone parrots the claim that Ted Cruz’s beliefs are too extreme, be assured that before you stands a person who hasn’t given three minutes of thought to the subject. Let’s consider a few of these “extreme” views.

  • Senator Cruz is so extreme that he refuses to shrug off our $1,000,000 per minute accumulation of new debt. He has spoken out against wasteful, lavish federal spending and has condemned the practice of financially enslaving our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt to which they–being either too young or too nonexistent–could not consent. Since when did objecting to spending 140% of your income become extreme

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