The left’s newest favorite political piñata Donald Trump recently lit his own hair on fire with comments (comments he is trying to walk back) that in effect blame Mexico for sending us “drug dealers, criminals and rapists.”

There is a kernel of truth in what he said, a kernel that is sure to get stuck in the throat of the Republican party! Alternatively, the party could avoid choking to death if it were to clarify what is actually happening and what they plan to do about the Obama administration’s abysmal and abominable security fiasco at the border.

America has historically been the beacon of hope for the world’s huddled masses yearning to be free, and at one time we were proud of this reputation!

First, decades past we had a process by which we screened immigrants for diseases. Second, if we did not know what kind of person they were, we required them to have a citizen sponsor who would vouch for and take responsibility for them. Third, we insisted on assimilation.

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