The Culture Wars: Conservatives, Patriots Need to Be There


To win any battle, be it in reality on the battle field or in politics a person or movement needs to be there on the ground to win. The enemy has to be engaged. In the case of the culture and media we need to have our voices heard and that’s where the conservative movement is seriously lacking. A lot of conservatives out there, especially the religious ones either mock film, music and TV outright or say we’re not represented so we won’t participate. If this was a game in junior high, I’d say fine. But it is not. And I hate to break to all of those people but culture is probably more important than fighting any out right political battle. If we lose the culture, and so far we have, we lose this war.

The late, great Andrew Breitbart would grow frustrated with the lack of interest in the culture wars that he found in the conservative movement. But It’s a lose lose situation and let me explain why. The average American movie goer is ignored and Hollywood loses an entire market and billions and the reason why is we’re not engaged. Simple as that, and the radical left gets to sell its shop worn ideas over and over again and have its message heard, while our voices within the culture are silent.

Here are the facts: The American public is starving for what a psychologist would call validation. What I mean by validation is this: Films that present American culture not as some pie in the sky Norman Rockwell painting but truthful, and real. And I am not talking about propaganda, but stories that lift up the American spirit rather than crush it under the cynicism of trying to sell a film to a jaded and mostly half educated worldwide audience. Where are the stories that talk about the United States in a real way and not a one-sided leftist talking point way?

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