The Courts Have Stopped Obama’s Amnesty Plan—For Now


After Obama issued an executive order stopping the processing and deportation of millions of illegal aliens, a Texas judge granted 26 states a temporary injunction against his order. The Justice Department asked for a stay of the injunction, but the Fifth Circuit Court refused to grant the stay. According to the opinion, of the 1.2 million persons who qualify for Deferred Action against deportation, approximately 636,000 non-citizens have been accepted as of 2014. That’s 636,000 Republican votes nullified, 636,000 US citizen jobs lost, and the enormous loss of Social Security, disability, health, education, and other benefit resources that are supposed to be reserved for legitimate US citizens.

US law does not permit illegals to vote or even to register to vote, under penalty of prison and heavy fines. Yet, Obama continues to encourage illegals to flood our borders in the hope of converting them into a massive new voting block for Democrats. Although their votes would not be legal, millions of illegal votes would overwhelm and entangle the electoral process and make an honest vote count difficult, if not impossible. Democrats want this because their entire agenda is wildly unpopular with American voters.

This attempt to defraud legal US citizens of their right to control elections has gone on for decades, but only in the past 6 years of the Obama Administration has it reached such threatening proportions. A review of author Ann Coulter’s new book Adios America, states “Voter fraud has been the most destructive issue facing the stability of the Republic, it has been perpetrated to elect politicians who would assist Obama to change the Free Enterprise System into a Socialist State.” This book should be read by all US citizens who value their right to elect their representative politicians.
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