The Cotton Letter and the Hypocrisy of Tolerance


Just about everywhere in society today we now hear something about being “tolerant” or making sure that everyone is “equal.” The ideas of tolerance and equality are not in theory bad ideas; as a matter of fact they are basic morals that should be followed. If you or I walk down the street and pass a total stranger we should not think they have fewer rights than we do, and when we’re having a discussion with wide varieties of opinions we should know enough to listen to and accept other opinions. We do not have to agree, but simple respect is not too much to ask for.

Although these are not new ideas, in the realm of politics these are ideas we hear more often from liberals. This is not to say conservatives don’t believe in these ideas, we just tend to practice them more than we preach them. Let me be clear, no human being is perfect, and no side is perfect, both liberals and conservatives are guilty of treating others unequal and being intolerant, but recently I’ve seen it more amongst liberals than conservatives, allow me to demonstrate.

On March 5, 2015, a Freshman Senator from Arkansas named Tom Cotton wrote and sent a letter to the government of Iran detailing his opposition to a potential agreement between Iran and the United States regarding Iran’s nuclear programs. Senator Cotton was not alone, as 46 other Senators signed this letter in support. Just a few days before, these Senators had heard Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speak to Congress about the Iran deal, where he explained why he felt it threatened his nation, his people and the rest of the world. Neither the Prime Minister’s speech, nor the Senator’s letter laid out any new or controversial idea. They simply stated facts.

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