The Constitution: Her Beauty Is Precisely Because Of Her Imperfection


by Gethan Curtis

While putting together a post for a wholly different set of reasons, I happened across a quote from President Obama that froze me where I stood (ok, I was sitting down, truth be told, but you get my meaning).

On its face, the comment is breathtaking in its arrogance and its presumption of intellectual superiority over we, the idjits that pay his salary. The larger problem with Obama’s statement, though, is that it misses the whole d@#n point of the Constitution all together.

Not all the people who fought over each word and comma that went in to the Constitution were born to hippies and inspired by anarchists, and none of them – ZERO – were nowhere-to-be-found-on-campus Harvard law professors. No… the vast majority of these men were simply trying to make some sense out of the chaos wrought on them by their King as they continued trying to avoid the hangman’s noose long enough to put food on their family’s table.

I’d offer that we’re not too far removed from Colonial life at this very moment when you think on it a little while.

Consider, then, that the intentions the Founders had when they put this thing together were to keep it fair and balanced and simple, make it mean something… make it be a thing worth fighting for and dying to defend… and yet still make it changeable, when necessary to “keep up with the times”. But they also intended, it seems to me, to make it so d@#n hard to change that d@#n near all of us would have to be on board before anything of national significance or worldwide implication ever got done. (I leave it to you, dear reader, to ponder the ways of America these past few years if O-Care had been made to clear a Constitutional amendment process before enactment. I can smell burning hair, faintly, off in the distance).

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