The Case Against Sean Penn: Journalist or Traitor?


From claiming any American who speaks out against Hugo Chavez should be jailed, to a photo op and interview with one of the most brutal Mexican drug lords in history.

Sean Penn has openly supported Cuba’s brutal dictator Fidel Castro, and made known his radical opposition to capitalism by supporting the former occupy movement (now the #BlackLivesMatter terrorist group).

Despite the fact that he was a gun owner, Penn came out one year ago against the Second Amendment.

The journalistic coup of the two-time Oscar winner secretly interviewing El Chapo — and posing for a handshake pic with the world’s once-most-wanted drug lord —is only the latest surreal saga in Penn’s personal life.

Penn’s left-leaning activism has also strayed toward lunacy. Penn’s previous diplomatic doozies have led to eye-rolling Oscar jokes, dubious friendships with foreign leaders and accusations of hiring a PR team to show off his odd brand of good will.


Read the full story at 100 Percent Fed Up

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