The Bottom Line on So-Called Arab Muslim ‘Refugees’


Thousands of those running from certain death at the hands of Muslim butchers are being denied access to the U.S. Their sin? – They are Christians. However, hundreds of thousands of Muslims (the butchers) are being given carte blanche entry into the US.

If the rather obvious “I will stand with the Muslims” stance of Bathhouse Barry doesn’t tell you who and what he is then you are both blind and dumb. That blindness could be deliberate or natural; you choose.

What we are seeing is the “sanctuary” of freedom, the United States, turned into a “Muslims Only” refugee camp. Christians need not apply while Obama sees to their demise. Death to the infidel can be accomplished many different ways. Obama is using what he has in hand to see that his fellow Muslims accomplish the goals of the Koran. The great sin is that “We the People” are being forced through our tax dollars to ensure the deaths of Christians across the globe at the hands of Islamists led by the Grand Caliph Obama.
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