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Howard Dean’s claim that two-time Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is “unknowledgable” because he did not graduate from college has gotten people to ask the question about how valuable a college education is, and is it required for all professions.

So if a college education is not always an indicator of how well a particular person will do in a particular job, how does an employer know who to hire?

When Rowe heard Dean’s “unknowledgable” gaff by Dean, he had to say something. Rowe gained popularity for his “Dirty Jobs” show. Currently he is the host of CNN’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It”:

“Rowe shared an anecdote from early in his career. He described an audition he once had with the QVC shopping network in which he had to sell a pencil for eight minutes on camera. He explained the reason for the odd job interview:

QVC had a serious recruiting problem. Qualified candidates were applying in droves, but failing miserably on the air. Polished salespeople with proven track records were awkward on TV. Professional actors with extensive credits couldn’t be themselves on camera. And seasoned hosts who understood live television had no experience hawking products. So eventually, QVC hit the reset button. They stopped looking for “qualified” people, and started looking for anyone who could talk about a pencil for eight minutes.

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