Texas Mayor Colluding with Obama to Sneak Syrian Refugees into Texas, Despite Governor’s Orders


How much more damage can Barack Hussein do to America in just three weeks? He is working overtime to maximize the injury and is getting help from liberal weenies across the country.

Case in point: Austin Mayor Steve Adler is violating his governor’s directive that the state of Texas will accept no more Syrian refugees.

Despite the fact that Syrian Muslim refugees in Europe have committed some of the most horrendous terrorist acts, including the carnage in Paris in January, 2015, Obama continues to accept thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees into the United States.

As reported by Conservative Base, the news media provides wall-to-wall coverage of President-elect Donald Trump and his family — most of it negative stories — and continue to portray a failed president as having eight-years of achievement, they are once again purposely ignoring the federal government breaking laws, regulations and agreements regarding immigration.

Gov. Greg Abbott is being duped by a Democratic President and a Texas mayor.

Gov. Greg Abbott is being duped by a Democratic President and a Texas mayor.

After Governor Greg Abbott of Texas clearly stated that Texas is stopping the resettlement of so-called Syrian asylum-seekers, the President Barack Obama and his minions went behind Gov. Abbott’s back secretly colluding with the Democratic mayor of Texas’ most liberal city.

Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler offered illegal aliens continued sanctuary and the Syrian Muslims are being provided with a welcome mat, according to a top nonprofit, non-government organization (NGO) based in the nation’s capital. The plan is said to entail the continued sending of unvetted Syrian Muslims to the Lone Star State, according to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Gov. Abbott, who previously served as the Texas Attorney General and is no stranger to large-scale litigation, initiated a court action to end the flow of Syrian and other Middle Eastern-North African Muslims. During Christmas week, Judicial Watch successfully obtained records of the administration’s secretive program to send more Syrian Muslims to Texas, in spite of opposition from state officials over the security threats created by refugees from an Arab nation that’s a hotbed of terrorism.

“As is common for President [Obama], he is welcoming Muslims by the thousands into the United States but the number of Syrian Christians is fewer than 1% of the number of Muslims,” said former police anti-terrorism unit member Daniel Fierstein, “And Obama knows that the majority of Americans oppose his actions,” he added.

According to officials at Judicial Watch: “The White House looked to Austin [Texas] Mayor Steve Adler, going around the governor to confer with a city leader who espoused the controversial Syrian resettlements, the records show.”

Following Gov. Abbott’s announcement to Texans and the rest of the American people — that the state would no longer accept any more Syrian refugees — the Obama administration responded by colluding with ultra-liberal Adler, according to records of a conference call between the mayor’s office and the White House.

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