Texas Didn’t Elect Ted Cruz So John McCain Would Like Him


by Dominari Nolo

Today we hear from one of his staffers that John McCain really, really hates Ted Cruz. I’m sure John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Reince Priebus, Lamar Alexander, and Lindsey Graham are all nodding their hearty agreement.

Perhaps we were supposed to be intimidated. Down here in Texas, we call it the feel-good story of the day. If our guy has John McCain and the rest of the GOP Establishment good and pissed off, then he’s doing what we sent him to do.

Earth to Planet Stupid: if Texas wanted to send somebody John McCain would like, we would have sent David Dewhurst.

You didn’t listen to America in 2010

In 2009-2010, America saw what the Democrats meant by “fundamental change” with a radical Leftist in the White House and 60-40% majorities in House and Senate. America wanted no part of any of that, and in November 2010 all of America went Republican, in local, state, and national elections. Not just Republican, but Tea Party Conservative. Just one problem. Washington didn’t listen, didn’t change, didn’t veer from its flight path to American Doom. Even more disheartening, both House and Senate Republicans told the 70-or-so newcomers to either join Team Surrender, or go pound sand.

Most of them joined Team Surrender™. The Establishment GOP, with a firm majority in the House and a slim 47-53 minority in the Senate, was in a position to impose severe restrictions on the Obama agenda, to slow down the tremendous carnage being done to America by a socialist and nanny-state agenda. Instead, they did the normal Republican thing, doing nothing but surrender to and compromise with the Democrats, give away our freedoms and our economy, and in general give America the middle finger.

Texas didn’t like that very much.

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