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  • ABBAsFernando

    In my book, YES!

    • sudsy

      Should Reagan have been impeached for trading arms for hostages to our arch enemy Iran?

      • robocop33

        Now you are talking about Libya and President Obama and SoS Clinton who sent arms to Syria for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quada and then when the Ambassador decided it was treason to do so they had him and his communications man murdered in “riot”.
        Also, Reagan did not trade arms for hostages. He traded arms for money to fund anti-communist forces in Central America to keep CA from becoming a Communist stronghold at our Southern Border. and those arms went to Iraq to fight off Iran who were intent on taking over the oil fields in Iraq to cut off the Western World from oil and crippling the non-muslim world. Not even in the same league.

        • sudsy

          Iran Contra was not in the same league because it was far worse! Treason one end (Iran) and supporting a brutal Right Wing Dictatorship (Somosa) in the other. Both Impeachable and slightly worse than lying under oath about sex!

  • Rhonda Hunt

    Our political system is in more trouble than we thought if what he said about it dying down and blowing over with out any action from the Republican side or the democrats,we should keep the pressure on until they do react and do something about this,if they don’t do the right thing then what will Obama do next if he is not held accountable.—–Jim Hunt

  • Historymom

    The problem with impeaching Obama (which he deserves) is that it turns him from a dictator into a victim and with the aid of the press, we hand another victory to the democrats in the next election

  • Texas001

    0bama has broken the law so many times and got away with it that this is just another time the nothing will happen. Richard Nixon resigned over Watergate and that was only a “breaking and entering” and no one died. But 0bama will never resign, no matter what and impeachment by the house with Boehner in there will never happen, remember he even played golf with 0bama. The main stream media won’t even report on any of these stories. Now the latest with the illegal children crossing into the USA is just another. If we had any real journalists they would get to the bottom of who told these people to come here and we already know who that is.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Unless we can get several dumbocrats in the Senate to oppose our idiot in cheif , impeaching him will be a fruitless effort.

    • MK McMillion

      BS. Impeaching the SOB is the only way to get around the blackout-koolade drinking media. Impeachment will get the long list of impeachable crimes out to the public.

      • WhiteFalcon

        I hate the bastrd as much as you do, but as long as he controls the Senate, impechment will fail, period. Commieonazicrats will all circle around him and they will not convict the SOB.

  • billwhit1357

    To hell with an investigation and Trial for Treason. The military should just jerk Homoboy Obama out of the Oval Office, drag him screaming out onto the front lawn, and execute him on the spot! That is all this Lying, Deceitful Islamic Pig, Barack Insane Obama, deserves! May his days be short and his widow weep for his loss, while the rest of America celebrates the Death of a Tyrant!

  • robocop33

    YES! It called ‘aiding and abetting the enemy’! That is also the wording used to describe TREASON!


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