Terrifying Report: ISIS has “Increasingly Sophisticated” Network in Europe, Ready to Attack at Any Time!


The Islamic State is operating a vast and well-supported network of terrorists in Europe that are ready to launch attacks at any given moment, according to documents obtained by CNN.

The cable network received a massive trove of documents from European investigators that detailed ISIS’s network of terrorists across the European continent. A portion of the documents revealed that the perpetrators of the deadly Paris attacks in November 2015 had planned to engage in several additional follow up attacks by recruiting more operatives. Additionally, documents show that the ISIS network is still active and could engage in further attacks in the near future.

“ISIS is increasing its international attack planning,” Paul Cruickshank, the editor of the CTC Sentinel, a West Point Combating Terrorism Center publication, told CNN. “It’s increasingly sophisticated in the way it does this. It’s set up an intricate, logistical support system for these terrorists … to launch these terrorist attacks.”

Investigators have obtained intelligence that they believe shows the terrorist group’s next target is the U.K. An official told CNN that there is strong evidence suggesting ISIS operatives have increased their infiltration of the U.K in recent months.

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