TEOTWAWKI: Are Preppers Freaking Out Too Much?


With the constant uncertainty and increasing entropy in the world many can be forgiven to prepare for “The End Of The World As We Know It” or TEOTWAWKI, we all can feel that a major crisis is coming.

However, it could be much wiser to prepare for the world as we know it (TWAWKI), with levels of brutality and chaos most people simply try to over look. Looking at history and current events would provide better insight than buying into the fear mongering of modern media.

The distinction is important because when preparing for the end of the world as we know it, too many start going way off the path of common sense and prepare in their very own ways with their assumed knowledge of the best solutions. When preparing for the world as we know it one would rather stick to common sense, try to learn from history and act accordingly.

One typical item many are packing for TEOTWAWKI is a pistol grip 12 gauge; every time I see one packing this kind of thing I feel obligated to ask how many rounds they actually fired with this gun since they installed the pistol grip. Given the opportunity I would invite them to the gun range, ask them to shoot an entire magazine of their choice of shell, even kindly suggesting that perhaps they should avoid the slugs. The results are most of the time the same, with the exception of the most robust guys; the difficulty of controlling this gun and the pain sustained in doing so make them quickly remember that the gun was sold initially with a full stock and that after all it could just make more sense for them to keep it that way. That is the moment that I point out to them that they may need either their wife or their daughter to handle the gun because they could just be out of commission for one reason or another, and that if it has a pistol grip they may use it once sprain their wrist and thus also be out of commission thus only aggravating the situation. Instead with a full stock one could show the girls how to put the gun under the arm, the stock resting on the wall and thus shoot effectively at short distance without having to fear the recoil. The 12 gauge pistol grip looks really cool in movies, significantly less so in the world as we know it.

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