Telling students How to Succeed now a Microaggression at U. Wisconsin


Not since the invention of The Magic 8 Ball® has there been a more complete set of predictions than the one recently distributed to members of the faculty at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. Like those offered up by the 8 Ball, these hidden messages are the sheerest form of blather. Unlike the 8 Ball, which is marketed as a toy by Mattel Games, there is nothing fun about the “Examples of Racial Microaggressions” appearing on the school’s website. They are funny — if unintentionally so.

The resource is set up as a table with three columns. The first gives the theme, the second the microaggression(s), the third the “message.” If you’re new to the wonderfully wacky world of microaggressions, Joe Messina has a primer on it here.

The theme of the first item listed is “Alien in own land: When Asian Americans and Latino Americans are assumed to be foreign-born.” The microaggression takes the form of questions, such as “Where are you from?” “Where were you born?” “You speak good English.” The message is “You are not American. You are a foreigner.”

The complete list of ten items appears below, but one worth emphasizing is the sixth item, which falls under the theme “Myth of meritocracy.”

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