TELL YO MAMA: God Calls Christians to Live a Profane Life


by Doug Giles

I could be wrong, but didn’t Jesus leave His God-blessed heaven to redeem this sin-cursed earth?

Didn’t He hang out with the worst of the worse?

And didn’t He go to their ubiquitous watering holes and come away having influenced them and not the other way around?

And didn’t He find some amazing apostles in places that most holier-than-thou’s would never have been seen? Yes, Jedediah, I think he did.

Look, horribly confused Christian: from what I’ve gathered from reading the scripture a few times, the believer has three options when he’s faced with an overtly wicked environment. He can either:

1. Absorb the culture.
2. Separate from the culture.
3. Or infiltrate the culture.

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