Tell Eric Holder: Congress Passed No Law Making Sex Change A Civil Right


They did it again. The Obama Administration, specifically current Attorney General Eric Holder, has invented a new law through “memorandum,” attempting to advance sexual deviance when Congress has made no such law.

Sex change is now a federal civil right, Holder declares, and Title VII can apply to fake women just like real women in situations involving alleged sex discrimination. Holder and the Department of Justice will now argue that men who dress as women are girls, too, because their confused minds say it’s so.

Are you now pondering which elements of your imagination you can get Eric Holder to legitimize? The possibilities are staggering. Can I be 21 again? How about tall and blonde?

Holder is following the lawless example of the EEOC and its transgender-affirming decree in 2012, and Obama’s unilateral pronouncement of “protection” for federal workers based on homosexual or cross-gender identities earlier this year.
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