Ted Cruz Shows that Liberals Hate Facts


Ted Cruz is the smartest guy running for President. He’s the most tenacious as well. He’s a bulldog with a mild manner. That’s why liberals and RINOs hate him and fear him.

I can’t understand why he’s not higher in the polls. He would do the best in one-on-one debates.

The video clip below shows Sen. Ted Cruz at work. Notice how he does not relent or move off topic. See how he deals with Democrat Sen. Chris Coons who tries to rescue Sierra Club President Aaron Mair who could not answer Sen. Cruz’s simple question about 18 years of almost no temperature increase.

Instead of evaluating the issue of “Global Warming” based on the facts, Mr. Mair defaulted to the false claim that 97% of scientists have concluded that humans are the cause or source (anthropogenic) of the fictional malady as fact. Here’s what he was actually saying:

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