Ted Cruz and the Real ‘War on Women’


by Steve Deace

This is the second consecutive election cycle that Democrats have trotted out their phony-baloney “war on women” meme, and you really can’t blame them because it worked so well the last time.

Remember the 2012 GOP convention? How many speeches did we hear from defensive Republicans who wanted to assure their fellow Americans they weren’t misogynists. Instead of spending the entire convention telling their story, the Republicans spent most of it reacting to the Democrats’ narrative.

Now the “war on women” meme has gotten so ridiculous Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Bailey (in honor of Michelle Obama) is trying it against his female opponent, Republican Joni Ernst. Bailey advocates killing women before they’re even born, and he wants taxpayers to pay for it. Yet somehow we’re supposed to believe he’s more “pro-woman” than the actual woman running for office? It’s an asinine assertion, but since most Republican consultants/candidates are allergic to going on offense the flawed premise remains.

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