Ted Cruz Likes Green Eggs and Ham


by Kenny “Crash” Liszewski

By now most people who have picked up a newspaper or watched the news are aware of the “extended speech” Senator Ted Cruz gave on the Senate floor. I call it an “extended speech” because technically it was not filibuster because the vote was happening not matter what today. Cruz began to talk just after 2:40pm on Tuesday and wrapped up his remarks on noon on Wednesday. The total time of his remarks came in at 21 hours, 19 minutes, and 7 seconds (I give all the credit in the world for someone who watches the entire video of his remarks).

At around 8pm on Tuesday Cruz began to read the famous Dr. Suess story “Green Eggs and Ham.” He read the story to his daughters before they were going to bed that evening, and there is a photograph of his daughters watching their father on the television reading it. The thing is people are trying to twist Cruz’s reading of “Green Eggs and Ham” into some political meaning, when Cruz is on record as saying he choose the story because it is his favorite story. The biographer of Dr. Suess even said that the short story has no political agenda or meaning, and even though other Suess stories do, “Green Eggs and Ham” does not. The fact that Cruz’s critiques are attacking him for reading a children’s story, instead of on the merits of Obamacare is really just plain silly.

Cruz’s message of defunding Obamacare and hopefully one-day repealing the legislation is a message most Americans can agree with. At this point 60 percent of Americans agree the federal government has too much power. I think most Americans would agree that giving the government the power to control aspects of healthcare is adding to their already overreaching power. So Senators like Cruz, Rubio, Lee and Paul and their message are going to resonate with more than half of Americans.

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