Ted Cruz and ABC Delegates


David Mamet’s 1984 play Glengarry Glen Ross was about shady real estate agents (entirely coincidental to the subject of this piece) engaged in whatever it took to sell undesirable properties in Chicago. The play won a Pulitzer Prize and was subsequently made into a 1992 film.

Ol’ Donald “Art of the Deal” Trump should’ve paid closer attention to one of the most memorable scenes – It involves a sales trainer coming in from the head office to berate the agents for better performance. The trainer, Blake, refers to ABC- Always Be Closing. Always Be Closing.

Donald, Donald, Donald. You’re supposed to be the world’s greatest deal-making guru, and yet, you’re getting whipped like a rented mule. Sure, you’ll pick up some delegates in New York, but, I mean, how embarrassing will it be if you didn’t win the majority in your home state?

If Trump had spent his money on a solid ground game instead of The Flying Money Squad on social media to defend the endless inanities spewing forth from his Cheetos-colored lips, he might not be losing significant ground daily.

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