Teach a child what is right and when they are old they will not stray from the lesson


What makes a tragedy truly tragic, is when it could have been easily avoided.

But for the ignorance and stupidity of a 20 year old, a 16 year old hero lost her life in Indiana.

Three years ago Aubrey Peters, at the age of 13, jumped into an icy reservoir and saved the lives of 2 small children.

Yesterday she was shot in the chest and died, killed by a man who should have known better than to play with a gun as if it were a toy.

20 year old Jacob Travis McDaniel has been charged with 2 felonies, reckless homicide and pointing a firearm. I personally hope he gets sentenced to the fullest extent of the law because even though he didn’t intend to shoot Aubrey his idiocy and ignorance cost a young girl her life.

While Peters along with a group of friends were hanging out at McDaniel’s house, Jacob retrieved a handgun and started playing with it as if it was some stupid show and tell game. McDaniel then tried to have Aubrey hold the gun, most likely to take a picture and post it on some inane social media site, but Aubrey, being taught that guns were not toys rightly refused.

At which time, McDaniel points the gun at Aubrey thinking the it is unloaded to mock her for being afraid for no reason. He then pulls the trigger, shooting her once in the chest.

A witness, Dajuan Williams, tells officers that McDaniel then compounds his crime by trying to convince the other people present to say the gun fell off the table and went off accidentally.

Jacob Travis McDaniel is a scumbag. Guns are not toys in which you wave around trying to be cool and showing off to 16 year old girls. And when a negligent discharge occurs that kills someone you don’t try to weasel your way out of responsibility by trying to cover it up.

Now, legally I hold McDaniel fully culpable but in a broader sense I blame his parents.

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