Tea Party Terrorists


Rasmussen recently conducted a new telephone survey , which included 1,000 likely voters. The survey asked questions ranging from nuclear weapons, to who is considered the nation’s top terrorist threat.

Twenty-six percent of those who approve of Obama’s performance believe that the Tea Party is the biggest terror threat to the US. This is compared to the likely voters of whom thirteen percent believe the same. Among those who approve of Obama’s job performance, just twenty-nine percent see ‘radical’ Muslims as the bigger threat. Among those who strongly approve of Obama, more fear the Tea Party than radical Muslims.

Among those who earn six-figures, twenty-one percent believe the Tea Party a bigger threat than the Occupy Wall street Movement. Interesting, since the Occupiers were targeting the rich, only two percent of those earning six-figures or more say the Occupy movement is a bigger threat. Of those earning $30,000.00 or less, twelve percent say the Tea Party is a bigger threat compared to seven percent says the same of the Occupy Movement. Of Government employees, twenty percent see the Tea Party as a threat while twelve percent of private sector employees believe the same.

I may not be an official member of the Tea Party, but I do consider myself a strong supporter of them and other like-minded groups. I share all the same concerns as many of the people who are members. I have many friends who are Tea Party members in different states. Do I feel threatened by them more than so called radical Muslims? No way! Knowing what I have learned in my past 15 or so years of studying Islam, I know that it is complete ignorance on the parts of those who do view the Tea Party as a bigger threat. Seeing the rude, outrageous, hypocritical, and disgusting behaviors of many of the Wall Street Occupiers in various cities a few summers ago, I know it is ignorance on the part of those who believe the Tea Party is more dangerous.

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