Tea Party Scholarship Fund: Big Step for the Tea Party Movement


by Kevin Jackson

My father was a scoundrel, but I won’t run from my name. In fact, I intend to restore honor to the Jackson name.

The Left runs from the term “liberal,” preferring “progressive,” because they know the trail of destruction left by liberalism.

Their hope is by calling themselves “progressives,” they can undo the taint of liberalism. Of course the Left hopes that most Americans either don’t know, or never learned that the term “Progressive” was coined in the early part of the 20th century as a more palatable name than “Marxist.”

Feminists no longer use this term “feminist”, as many have found themselves abandoning their flawed ideas of yesteryear. They have witnessed the result of their onslaught on women (and society), and like other liberals, feminists now want to be called “humanists.”

Barack Obama is now running from the term “ObamaCare,” a term he proudly accepted only a year ago. Obama realizes that ObamaCare is a failure, and that it is doomed for future failure. He hopes a different name will save it, because the results certainly won’t.

Liberals run from the horrors they create. They want no reflection on past failures and mis-steps, nor do they want to be saddled with the baggage going into the future.

I have heard the allegation, “The Tea Party name is tainted” But is it?

The Tea Party name came from an incident in history where the people paying the bills got frustrated with the government forcing them to buy tea — a product that had grown in popularity.

By forcing the colonists to go through the East India Company, the government could levy a tax.

In 1773, American colonists waged a peaceful protest over one unrepresented tax. Today, I defy you to find me something that the government does not tax. If you are able to find something, I will show you where the government is considering how to tax it.

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