Tax Deadline Looms Near – Are You Ready to Report Your Health Care Coverage?


by Reneta Adamson

The IRS wants to know if you are covered with health insurance. They are calling it “The Individual Shared Responsibility Provision” and in this division every person in the United States is required to either have minimum essential health care coverage for each month of the year or qualify for an exemption or make a payment with your federal income tax return. Are you prepared to pay this “tax” which is actually a fine, or show proof that you are insured? The deadline is very near and many people who have already filed did so not realizing that they may have needed to include a form 8885 if they paid premiums for health insurance.

If you have no health insurance yet (March 31st was the deadline) then prepare for the IRS to be enforcing a fine. In the second column of page 18, of the IRS form from the United States Government Printing office found in the Federal Register /Vol. 78, No 169/ Friday, August 30, 2013/ Rules and Regulations 53663 and can also be located online by going to the paragraph headed “Individual Shared Responsibility Provision” and choose to open “final regulations” link at this site – it says the following, and I quote the government:

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