Target v. ObamaCare on transparency


by Michael Becker

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Target was the target of a very sophisticated cyber attack before Christmas. They got credit and debit card information from Target’s customer base during the busiest shopping days of the year.

Target immediately informed their customers that their information might have been stolen and put out a series of informational emails and announcements about the cyber attack. The information release and working with their customers is an ongoing effort as they released a new announcement today that apparently the attack got more customers information than was first indicated.

In addition to being immediately upfront about the cyber attack, Target has offered all of their customers free credit monitoring for a year to insure that they can help their customers – known as “guests” to Target Team Members – mitigate any possible damage to their credit.

We’re sure this mess isn’t over, and we’re also sure that Target will stay on top of the situation, keep their customers informed, and work hard to help any customers who’ve been damaged by this breech.

Here’s the latest report.

Let’s take a moment and compare the response of Target to the response of the Obama administration with respect to possible data breaches in the ObamaCare system.

Keep in mind that Target has a very mature and secure network. It’s been around for years, they have a very professional IT group who’ve built the system, and they’ve never had any major data breaches.

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