Tarantino and Spike Lee: Ideologues or Idiots?


It’s not surprising that a Hollywood filmmaker might wish to chronicle the horrors of inner-city life for many of Chicago’s black denizens, if for no other reason than to highlight the surreal nature of their plight juxtaposed against the sensibilities of our compassionate, enlightened modern society.

Then there’s the irony of this period coinciding with the administration of America’s first supposedly black president, Barack Hussein Obama.

In all fairness, if a dramatic representation is to be crafted, who better than iconic black film director Spike Lee to enter into such an endeavor, even if the film is likely to wind up with blame for the dynamic in Chicago being placed on slavery, Jim Crow and faceless white Republicans in an ivory tower somewhere?

Lee recently did an interview with Chicago magazine wherein he described Chicago mayor and former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as a “bully” due to Emanuel’s treatment of him when he was in the Windy City filming his latest outing, “Chi-Raq.” The film’s title is a term coined by rappers, who liken Chicago’s widespread violence to the brutality associated with Iraq.
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