A Tapestry Of Lies


I overload on political lies a few times every year. This Holiday Season I plan to focus on family and pie, ignoring the liars that surround us. I also think a brief catalog of recent prevarications may help explain this loss of fortitude; when lies become the rule rather than the exception a sense of helplessness sets in. It can happen to a whole people.

It might seem that we voted in a new majority in both houses, but in reality we just lied to ourselves. By passing the Cromnibus funding bill John Boehner has castrated that majority. There is no power of the purse because everything is funded for another year. When Congress promised to rein in spending they were lying.

On November 5th John Boehner said “Obamacare is hurting our economy, it is hurting middle-class workers, and it’s hurting the ability to create more jobs.” Old John wouldn’t lie, would he?

Last week I read this by Terrence Jeffery at CNSNews.com. “House Speaker John Boehner and President Barack Obama joined forces today to push their respective party members to provide 219 votes–one more than was needed–to ensure passage of an omnibus government funding bill that permits the administration to spend money implementing Obamacare and Obama’s planned unilateral actions that will effectively amnesty as many as five million illegal aliens.” John, you lied.

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