Tamera Mowry Painfully Discovers the REAL Haters!


by Tami Jackson

Tamera Mowry, with identical twin sister Tia by her side, opened up to a painful reality in an interview with Oprah: she is the object of hatred simply because she married a white man.

Tamera and Tia, beautiful actresses known for their ebullient spirits, and who happen to be Christian women, talked freely about about their lives and marriages, and the backlash to their marriage choices.

What is most interesting is that the hate and vitriol seems to be from that Leftist sector of society that worships at the alter of “tolerance!”

Tamera, tears streaming down her face, recalled:

“But people choose to look past love and spew hate! That’s what hurts me, because I’ve never experienced so much hate.

I get called white man’s whore…back in the day, you cost three hundred dollars, but now you’re giving it to him for free.”

The very sad thing is, this vitriol from the left is NOT unusual, but commonplace. Why aren’t more people aware of the intolerance of the Left?

Think people. Who are the mouthpieces? What organizations control, for the most part, the messaging the average American receives?

You got it. Main Stream Media, aka MSM.

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