Tamagotchis and Debauchery – First Cool in California


by Carly Hill

I used to live in Los Angeles. I grew up all over the place, but one thing I remember, distinctly, is being an awkward middle-schooler, desperate to be trendy and cool. Because of my parents’ jobs, we were back and forth all the time, and I just distinctly remember that California trends were always way ahead of trends in the east. Everyone in LA was obsessed with Tamagotchis like a year before Georgians were.

You’d think that would give me an advantage when it came to coolness, but I remained nerdy – pretty much all the way through.

Regarding some of these recent Cali laws, Rush Limbaugh said, “This is the kind of thing that we used to be mocked for saying could happen someday.”

Here are a few new ones, as reported by Town Hall:

– Illegal immigrants can get driver’s licenses.
– NON-DOCTORS can perform first-trimester abortions.
– Children can have MORE THAN TWO PARENTS.

With that last one, they’re apparently referring to couples (or would it be triples?) like the one that was depicted on Gray’s Anatomy – with Callie, Arizona, and Mark. Mark and Callie had a baby, but Callie was in a homosexual relationship with Arizona, so they all three lived together and raised the child.

So, here’s the thing. Two out of those three new laws affect citizens who can’t stand up for themselves or fight back – children. Abortion is not only the most cruel and grotesque act I’ve ever heard of – it also violates the rights of the unborn – that small segment in our society who have a heart and a brain and eyes and fingers and toes, but who can’t yet speak up for themselves. Then, there are children – children who are being raised in a society that keeps taking more and more steps to stripping away the components of a healthy home.

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