We’re taking scalps. Starting with Mitch McConnell.


by Joe Wurzelbacher

With the Chamber of Commerce and Grover Norquist openly declaring war on conservative, it’s time to fight back! Like we did in 2010; we will return and we are taking scalps!

Four years ago, mainstream Americans rose up from out of nowhere and declared that they had had enough. At the time, their targets were mostly Democrats. These were some of the meanest Democrats in the county. People like Ike Skelton, a 17 term Congressman from Missouri who was widely regarded as unbeatable. In Wisconsin, political n00b took down powerful 3 term Senator Russ Feingold. We hammered them good, and many others who refused to listen to the will of the American People.

The message from America to Washington was crystal clear: stop the spending and stop Obamacare. They armed Republicans by adding 70 new congressmen and 6 new senators to their ranks.

Apparently Republicans didn’t hear the message. We sent them to Washington to put a halt on our march towards the cliff. Instead, they have become complicit in our descent, and some even have the gall to openly attack those who are doing the right thing. Judging from current behavior, they’re under the impression that they won’t befall the same fate as the 2010 Democrats.

There is no better case of this than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who decided to make a deal with Harry Reid and Barack Obama in order to sell conservatives down the river. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee led a rebellion over Obamacare that chased the Democrats out into the open. Obama was shown to all the world as a petulant child who would rather shut down the government than negotiate. Harry Reid showed himself to be a mean, petty little man. The Obama administration sent their goons in the National Park Service to shut down the WW2 Memorial and many other places purely out of spite, taking aim at elderly veterans, children, and widows. Numerous Democrats and media are on the record having said the most stupid and hateful things imaginable. Campaign 2014 Gold by the truckload will come from all that nonsense, for those Republicans who stood tall at this time. Not so much for the appeasers.

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