Take the Fall – Like a Boss


by Carly Hill

Were you as fortunate as I, Thursday night, to receive this delightful little message from Deputy Senior Advisor, David Simas? [Be sure to note my sarcasm]

20131004-002414 (1)

I’ve put a lot of thought into this whole government shutdown. I’ve squinted my eyes and put my thinking cap on and tried really hard to see the other side of the argument. But, here’s what I see. I see Obama’s people blatantly pointing the finger and making American Patriots out to be absolute terrorists.

Simas’ email used calculated syntax to sting the Republican Party, saying things like, “If speaker Boehner dropped his demands to sabotage Obamacare….” and “[The President’s] been clear that he won’t negotiate when Republicans are playing political games that hurt our economy.”

Do you know what a good leader or administration does? They take ownership. Have you ever sat down with the boss of…anything? Or maybe you are the President or Owner of a company. One of the most important things you have to understand, as the boss of something, is that if something bad happens, it’s your fault. Even if it’s not your fault, it’s your fault. Why? Because you’re the boss.

If Spencer Brown publishes an article full of errors and typos and misinformation (he never does, by the way), it would still be on me. Why? Because I’m in charge. I’m responsible for the content on this website and even if I don’t write the article that has the error, the fact that it gets by is on me, as it should be.

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