Take that Barry: Boehner invites Netanyahu to address congress


After the brilliant Academy Award worthy performance Tuesday night in his State of the Union address, it’s painfully clear President Obama excels in the role of defiant chief executive, but certainly not as a courageous leader, particularly when it comes to standing up against a potential nuclear Iran.

So House Speaker John Boehner was left with no other recourse. Without a true leader in the White House, he took the lead, and invited the Prime Minister of Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu, to address the U.S. Congress and the American people about the threat from Iran “in a sharp rebuke to President Obama” as Fox News puts it.

“Such invitations typically are coordinated with the White House and State Department, but this one was not. The House speaker’s office said Netanyahu will be invited to speak Feb. 11 before a joint session of Congress.”

“The invitation comes as lawmakers weigh legislation, supported by Republicans and some Democrats, to tee up more sanctions against Iran in case negotiations fail to curtail the country’s nuclear enrichment program.”

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