Obama Seeks to Remove One Right that Can Protect Against Terrorism


Obama basically wants an open door to allow tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to enter America. He believes the current screening procedures in place will catch any terrorists trying to hide among the refugees and therefore making those allowed to enter safe.

French police also identified one of the terrorists in Paris had gained entrance into Europe and France by hiding among thousands of Syrian refugees and holding a Syrian refugee emergency passport. It’s certain that the same thing will continue to happen here in the US.

How many times have you heard Obama call for more gun control in order to save lives? He claims that it’s necessary to violate the constitutional rights of every American in order to prevent more mass shootings, thus saving lives.

Yet it’s been proven time and again that the cities with the highest rate of gun violence are those with the strictest gun control laws. Just take a look at cities like Chicago andBaltimore.

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