Sweet Social Justice


by John Risselada

I have to admit America; I am having a ball watching the democrats scramble all over themselves in an attempt to save face over the Obamacare failure. After years of ridicule, being called a racist and dealing with liberal’s attempts to completely discredit any point I could make, this is in my opinion, the epitome of sweet social justice.

You have to wonder how these people could even live with themselves; they have sunk to a low that is so low, a grain of sand would be comparable to Mt. Everest. Yet, in typical liberal fashion they continue to drive on as if they really believe the majority of people in this country think they care about anything other than their own power and prestige.

What is most amazing to me is the fact that the president continues to have a platform to launch his socialist agenda. The healthcar.gov fiasco represents one of, if not the biggest, failure of any president in the history of the United States, and yet somehow they carry on with their deceptive, conniving plans for the future as if we will forget about this by 2014. If the flat out rejection of liberalism in Tulsa’s recent mayoral election is any indication, then the liberals in congress might as well pack it up now, people are not going to forget this, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There are of course those die hard liberals who continue to make excuses for incompetence. For all their claims of compassion and caring they seem to care very little for the millions losing the ability to provide medical care for their families, they seem to care little for the rapidly rising food and energy prices and they certainly don’t care that many millions have all but experienced the total destruction of their personal initiative as they have found zero prospects for gainful employment. The only thing these liberals seem to care about is protecting the president’s agenda. The only thing these liberals seem to believe is that the American people are stupid enough to continue buying the lies. Unfortunately, some are.

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