When The Supremes Overturn The ‘Will Of The People’, Your 2nd Amendment Rights Are Toast


by Pat Henry

Today the Supreme Court failed to act to either uphold or overturn lower court decisions that set aside state constitutional amendments and other legislation passed by voters in support of authentic marriage. I will not go into why the concept of homosexual “marriage” makes as much sense as people deciding what sex they want to be for a particular occasion. That is not the issue here.

The Court apparently did not want to man up to making a decision on the issue. Instead it hid behind the ruse that it would simply not hear the case. This unfortunately does not exonerate it from blame. There are sins of omission as well as sins of comission. If you don’t feed your child and he dies, you did not strangle him, but you might as well have. Failure to act is the same as acting in some cases, like this one. So, the Supremes are just as guilty as the lower courts.

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