Supreme Court Gives Obamacare Opponents Second Bite at Apple


by Michael Dorstewitz

In what Richard Wolf, writing for USA Today, described as “a setback for the [Obama] administration and proponents of Obamacare,” the U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear what looks to be a significant challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

The first bite of the apple proved to be a bitter one for conservatives when, in June of 2012, Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote in a 5-4 decision to uphold the law’s individual mandate–the heart of Obamacare.

The current controversy centers on whether low and mid-income residents of those states that have not set up health care insurance exchanges are entitled to receive premium subsidies. A clear reading of the act indicates they may not. The IRS attempted to remedy the situation with a rule change rather than going through Congress to change the law itself.

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