Support for Trans Pacific Partnership Reveals GOP Leaders’ Latest Betrayal


Congressional Republicans really showed their true colors this past Friday. Even though the fast track bill did not pass, 191 house GOP members sided with President Obama and voted to grant him fast track authority over the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty. As you may well know, this fast track authority would have given the president the power to negotiate any trade deal with any nation, without congressional approval of any kind.

This is a scary proposal as for weeks we have heard report after report of congressmen having to be escorted into the basement of the capital building just to view the bill. Even though many have not read it, they still supported it because of its alleged “free trade” proponents. The most disappointing aspect of Friday’s vote is knowing it was Nancy Pelosi, who will always be remembered as saying “we have to pass it to see what’s in it” when it came to Obama care, is the one who ultimately killed the bill.

It is highly likely that Pelosi’s actions are motivated by the fact that the unions were strongly opposed to this trade agreement. Whatever the case may be, the Republicans support for this trade authority proves beyond a reasonable doubt that there are very few in Washington who are truly working for the American people and that most support the money powers, even the President.
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