Suing Over Hot Coffee, Again


by Joe Wurzelbacher

What’s wrong with the world today? Suing over hot coffee! (Unfortunately there are a lot of other things wrong in the world) But think about it for a second. Because of the “sue happy” world we live in warning labels have to be put on everything.

Here are some examples, by time you are done reading them you are going to say “Joe, these are BS. Nobody can be that stupid”. Well, yes they can be that stupid but it’s also protection for the business.

1) Do not Iron while your shirt is on your body
2) Do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw
3) After using rectally do not use orally
4) Hairdryer “do not use while sleeping”
5) Never reach into moving machinery
6) Scrubbing Bubbles scrub brush “Do not use for personal hygiene”
7) Do not attempt to remove blade while lawn mower is running
8) Fruit by the foot “remove cellophane before eating”
9) Liquid Plumber ” do not reuse bottle to store beverages”
10) Believe it or not Coffee is Hot!!

Twenty years have gone by since someone sued McDonalds for hot coffee spilling in their lap and here we are yet again someone is suing McDonalds for spilling Hot coffee in their lap.

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