Suicide Guns For Sale: Bad Kharma or Just Discounted Firearm?


by Tony Oliva

In honor of the Halloween season, I bring you a story touches on the macabre. In Greensburg, PA, a place a little to the east of Pittsburgh, the county coroner is auctioning off 97 guns used in suicides and accidental shooting deaths.

The sale is to take place on November 8th and will be the first governmental gun sell back in Westmoreland County since the 1980’s.

Corner Ken Bacha says state law requires local governments sell off unclaimed property. While they have often have sales auctioning off property and vehicles this will be the first gun auction since Bacha’s fater Leo, was coroner back in the 80’s. Proceeds will help fund county government. The coroners office takes possession of weapons during death investigations. Family members have a year to claim these weapons before they become county property, but under the nature of which they were last used, it is understandable that many families refuse to claim them. As such, some of the weapons that are going up for sale have been in the coroners possession for decades.

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