Subtle Convergence of Obama-Engineered Crises


Millions of individuals fleeing Syria and other Arab Muslim nations that were systematically destabilized over the last several years by the regime of Barack Hussein Obama are attempting to enter Europe. This in turn has resulted in political pressure being put on the White House to allow an undisclosed number of these persons – who are being referred to as “refugees” by the international community and the press – into the United States.

Some Washington lawmakers have expressed concern that relaxing our immigration regulations yet further to accommodate these displaced persons would pose a grave security risk to the United States (as though the Obama administration is concerned with such trifles), and that anyone being considered for admittance must be properly vetted for potential ties to terrorist groups.

Though it is doubtful, one hopes that they would be more thoroughly scrutinized than the tens of thousands of Syrian and Somali “refugees” that Obama has furtively spirited into the U.S. over the last few years.

While the obsequious Western press showcases drowned children washing up on Turkish beaches and rioting over train passage into Europe, there’s little doubt that Barack Hussein is eagerly rubbing his palms together in anticipation of allowing untold numbers of malefactors into the country now that the approval of the international community and gullible Americans is at hand.
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