The Stunning Hypocrisy of the Anti-War Left


The Democrat Party has spent years cultivating the myth of Republican Party ties to fascism and authoritarianism. If you spend any time watching MSNBC you get the feeling that some on the left have actually begun to believe that the danger to civil liberties really does come from the right. The constant brow beating of Republicans for our concern over certain social issues has obviously trickled down into the mainstream Democrat pool, as more and more of them pick up the “talking points” of the left. The problem is that most of it is lies…

Let’s use President George W. Bush as an example, shall we?

After the attacks on 9/11 the entire nation was on edge and many of us were out for blood. The President found Osama bin Laden laying low in the country of Afghanistan – a nation that refused to turn the terrorist leader over to us, even though he had just inflicted almost 3,000 death upon our nation. So President Bush invaded. However, President Bush’s brand of conservatism includes nation-building, and his fight was directed at al-Qaeda and the Taliban. He felt that the USA had the responsibility to help pick Afghanistan up off its feet after we steamrolled through the country. And so we stayed – for over a decade.

Next President Bush invaded Iraq, on more concrete evidence than we have for attacking Syria. President Bush also got authorization to attack Iraq (and Afghanistan) from Congress; President Obama seems uninterested in taking that step. Again, the Bush Doctrine kept us “in country” to oversee rebuilding of the political system and infrastructure of the nation.

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