Study Finds Cops Are Hesitant To Shoot Black Criminals


Al Sharpton and his fellow race hustlers like to stir up trouble on the basis of emotion, conveniently ignoring any facts that run counter to the nefarious agenda they are trying to pawn off on the American public. Part of that agenda is to establish a culture of disrespect for police officers and a disregard for their authority. Unfortunately, it’s a narrative a lot of naïve Americans are buying as evidenced by the spate of anti-police protests that have sprung up across the country. Of course, the mainstream media is only too happy to assist the anti-cop crowd in selling its fictional narrative to the American public.  After all, what are a few facts when there are newspapers to sell and television ratings to boost?

When it comes to the portrayal of police officers, the anti-cop crowd is pushing a narrative that goes like this: Cops are out-of-control vigilantes who wantonly gun down innocent black men for no reason other than racial bias. There are more than a few problems with this narrative, but journalists who should serve as America’s fact checkers in these matters are more interested in helping generate controversy than in reporting facts. If journalists did their jobs rather than assisting race hustlers in fanning the flames of racial discord the anti-cop narrative would quickly implode.
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